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        Connect to to see your decklists.

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      View your decks your way. Optimized for any screen size.

      Sort your deck the way you want to see it, filter out certain cards, and switch between graphical and textual views.

      Print your decklists for a tournament. Print directly or save as PDF.

      Optionally input date, event name, your name & DCI number, and we'll fill that out for you as well.

      Share your decklists online. Share on Facebook, Twitter, or Google+.

      We'll shorten the URL for you to something nice and short, like, and anyone with an internet connection can view your deck.

      You or your friends can comment on your deck using Facebook comments.

      Customize your decklists. Pick your card versions.

      When creating or editing a deck, just click on a card name to choose which version you want to use for your deck.

      Choose which view and sort you like, and that'll be the default for viewing your deck as well.